Covid-19 Update

Veterinarians are considered essential personnel, thus AADC will remain open without change in schedule. Both the American and Maryland Veterinary Medical Associations are now recommending contact between clients and veterinary staff be eliminated as much as possible and want us to comply by adhering to the following protocol:

1) Please complete and return the examination or re-examination forms by email prior to your appointment. These forms have been been emailed to you and are also found on the left side of our AADC website pages.

2) When you arrive at the clinic, park in one of the three parking spaces reserved for our clients. Once parked, call the office 301-977-9169 and let the receptionist know you have arrived. Dr. Jeffers will review your paperwork and then call you to discuss your pet's skin/ear problems.

3) After you have spoken with Dr. Jeffers, one of our staff members will come to your car and take your pet into the clinic for a physical examination while you wait in your car outside.

4) After the examination, Dr. Jeffers will call you and discuss the findings and options for testing or treatment. No procedures or treatments that are not part of the regular exam (no extra charge) will be done without your permission.

5) A technician will call you when your pet is finished and provide the discharge instructions, after which your pet will be brought out to your car, along with any medications. Payment will be done by credit card over the phone.

If you are not comfortable following the recommended protocols, you can postpone your appointment until we receive word that veterinarians and staff can safely interact directly with clients.

All medication refills can still be mailed to you or picked up at the clinic. If you are picking up at the clinic, you will receive instructions on what to do so that you do not have to enter the premises.

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