Currently Dr. Jeffers has a limited number of appointment slots available for new patients, with a block of those slots set aside for pets who are specifically in need of allergy testing, as determined by your regular veterinarian.  Priority is given to existing patients.  If we are unable to schedule your new case in a reasonable time frame, a list of alternative veterinary dermatologists can be found in the tab above labeled "Other Dermatologists".


The Clinic is open from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. The initial office visit is $175 and re-examination appointments cost $125. There are additional costs for any testing or medications prescribed.  The cost for testing ranges from an additional $90-$400 while medication costs can only be determined at the visit.   The first appointment usually lasts between 45 and 90 minutes while re-examination appointments last approximately 30-45 minutes and are required by Maryland law to obtain medication refills, including allergy vaccines, each year . During each visit, Dr. Jeffers will review your pet's history, perform a dermatologic examination, and if needed to obtain in-house slide tests from skin and/or hair to help in establishing a diagnosis.  These are the only optional tests which are included in the examination and re-examination fee.  At the end of the examination he or his dermatology technician will explain your pet's problem, any necessary diagnostic test(s) and the recommended treatment. All financial aspects will be discussed prior to initiating tests or treatment.

Every attempt will be made to have all medical procedures performed on the same day as the appointment.  As such, it is ideal, but not required, that corticosteroids be withdrawn for 2 weeks prior to your appointment, while antihistamines be stopped for 7-10 days.   Atopica (cyclosporine), Apoquel, and Cytopoint may be continued.   Please continue ALL other medications that were otherwise prescribed by your veterinarian.  Do not bathe your pet for one week prior to the appointment.  Contact us if there are any medication withdraw questions.

Each examination, whether it is the first time or a recheck appointment, will require client forms to be filled out in advance regarding your pet's medical condition. For your convenience, you may fill in and print out the forms which are located on every web page.  If you wish to fill out the forms at the office instead, please arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled appointment to allow adequate time to complete the required paper work.

If you need to cancel or postpone any scheduled appointment, we ask for 24 hours notice so that those on our waiting list can be contacted to take the open appointment.  We appreciate your help in getting as many appointments seen in a timely fashion.

Personal checks, cash, Visa, MasterCard and Discover are accepted for your convenience.  American Express and CareCredit are not accepted.

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